Joining Disability Economic Justice Collaborative

The Century Foundation and Ford Foundation recently launched the Disability Economic Justice Collaborative to level the playing field regarding economic justice for people with disabilities. The Kelsey is thrilled to Join the Collaborative to advance housing access, as essential to both disability justice and economic opportunity.

$20M AHSC Funding for The Kelsey Civic Center

On January 26th the California Strategic Growth Council announced its recommendations for Round 6 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program funding awards, and The Kelsey Civic Center project was recommended for a $20M award — a major milestone towards a fully funded project.

Ford Foundation Invests in The Kelsey

The Ford Foundation recently announced its first-ever program focused on advancing the rights of people with disabilities in the United States. Rebecca Cokley leads the new program as Ford’s program officer.

Finding Disability Pride with Allie and Andraéa

Monday, August 9th, 2021, Isaac interviews colleague Allie Cannington, the Manager of Advocacy and Organizing at the Kelsey and Board Member, Andraéa LaVant, President and Chief Inclusion Consultant at LaVant Consulting to celebrate Disability Pride. In this conversation, we’ll better understand how intersectional identities can shape pride, learn about barriers holding us back, and the role of allies in co-leading efforts alongside people with disabilities.

Accessible Housing Matters Podcast

Our co-founder Micaela joined East Bay real estate leader on his podcast about all things housing and disability. Full transcript below. Stephen Beard is a real estate agent and Accessibility Specialist. His podcast is about connecting people with unique knowledge or expertise about housing and accessibility.

Rise Justice Labs 2021 Summer Cohort: The Kelsey

This month The Kelsey joins a cohort of three teams who are leading national policy initiatives. We were accepted into the 2021 summer cohort of the Rise Justice Labs accelerator program, running from August to November 2021. This 12-week program is designed to support us in passing federal legislation around disability-forward housing.

Ayer Station and Civic Center Virtual Tours

Allie Cannington, Manager of Advocacy and Organizing provides a virtual tour of The Kelsey Ayer Station and The Kelsey Civic Center to investors and partners.