Element of the Month: Dual Handrails

When you apply elements from The Housing Design Standards for Accessibility and Inclusion you can support housing stability in many ways. Whether supporting a person with mobility disabilities like Fatimah shares, helping someone age in place, or making a space more usable and safe for all people. Learn more about Fatimah, who manages the Housing Design Standards work at The Kelsey, and an element she values: Dual Handrails.

Joining Disability Economic Justice Collaborative

The Century Foundation and Ford Foundation recently launched the Disability Economic Justice Collaborative to level the playing field regarding economic justice for people with disabilities. The Kelsey is thrilled to Join the Collaborative to advance housing access, as essential to both disability justice and economic opportunity.

Element of The Month: Inclusion and Disability Training

In 2021, The Kelsey launched The Housing Design Standards for Accessibility and Inclusion aimed to equip designers, builders, and developers with guidelines and frameworks for disability-forward housing creation. It highlights cross-disability accessibility and design decisions that are anchored in inclusion. Each month we’ll feature one of our partners and the Element they’re most excited to be using in their own communities. This month, learn from Beth at UC Davis on her favorite element.

Off-Kilter Podcast

The Kelsey is excited to be working with the Century Foundation’s new Disability Justice Economic team.  As we begin that work, Micaela Connery, Allie Cannington and Fatimah Aure were featured on the Century Foundation’s “Off Kilter” Podcast where they discussed The Kelsey’s work and how we are working to change housing policy by centering the voices and needs of people with disabilities. 

Ari Katz

As a proud member of the disability community, Ari is committed to advancing disability justice and is thrilled to be part of an organization that shares that goal.

Molly Wiesman

Molly Wiesman began her career as an administrative assistant at a technology firm before becoming a part of The Kelsey team. She has been involved with various organizations serving people with disabilities such as Easter Seals and Best Buddies.

Celebrating Kelsey, and More

We honor Kelsey’s legacy in many ways at The Kelsey, not just on her birthday but always. But perhaps the most clear is in continued repetition and embodiment of “more”. More isn’t just a sign Kelsey used often, it is a commitment to a belief in abundance.

$20M AHSC Funding for The Kelsey Civic Center

On January 26th the California Strategic Growth Council announced its recommendations for Round 6 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program funding awards, and The Kelsey Civic Center project was recommended for a $20M award — a major milestone towards a fully funded project.