Inclusive Houser Network

We are thrilled to share the creation of a new collaborative that The Kelsey is convening. It is called the Inclusive Houser Network, an impressive group of organizations developing or operating disability-forward, inclusive housing across the country.

Element of the Month: Focus Group

This month’s Element of the Month is brought to you by one of our allies and close architectural partners, Anne Riggs of David Baker Architects. An element that has been crucial for her work are Focus Groups which involve people with disabilities sharing insight and feedback before the design process even begins. She talks about the importance of involving end users from the very beginning to ensure an inclusive product.

Element of the Month: Pedestrian Safety

This month, one of our dynamic Summer Analysts, Sandra Conley, talks about how her previous injuries now make her prioritize safety and navigability of spaces. Her element of choice is Pedestrian Safety which ensures that pedestrian paths are not only always distinctively marked but also strategically placed adjacent to vehicular ways and passenger loading zones. Whether providing safety to residents or ensuring that the building is visitable for guests, Pedestrian Safety provides the additional benefits of safety for everyone and ultimately a more beautiful, better-designed space.

The Kelsey & Urban Institute launch: Disability-Forward Housing Future – A Needs Definition and Case for Impact

The Kelsey partners with Urban Institute on a project entitled: Disability-Forward Housing Future – A Needs Definition and Case for Impact. The research will serve as a blueprint for what existing data tells us, what further research may be needed, and the broad-based policy solutions to meet the need. At key milestones, this project is being guided by a pilot Community Advisory Board, which you can learn more about in this post.