Inclusive Houser Network

We are thrilled to share the creation of a new collaborative that The Kelsey is convening. It is called the Inclusive Houser Network, an impressive group of organizations developing or operating disability-forward, inclusive housing across the country.

Celebrating Kelsey, and More

We honor Kelsey’s legacy in many ways at The Kelsey, not just on her birthday but always. But perhaps the most clear is in continued repetition and embodiment of “more”. More isn’t just a sign Kelsey used often, it is a commitment to a belief in abundance.

Kelsey Was Brave

Today would have been our co-founder Kelsey’s 34th birthday. We honor her legacy today and every day.

Support Kelsey’s Legacy Today

The word inspiration gets thrown around often. In a world that is full of complex challenges and great needs, we’re always looking for people who move the needle towards good in our communities, in lasting and measurable ways. Kelsey O’Connor did just that.

Join us and share ‘more’

Recently, Co-Founder Kelsey would have celebrated her 33rd birthday. Anyone who knew Kelsey would tell you her favorite sign was more. Anything she loved and enjoyed, she wanted more of it. The Kelsey exists because of Kelsey, and we strive to make more possible in communities inspired by her perpetual asking for ‘more’.

Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

Celebrating Kelsey and her vision for Disability-forward housing and community inclusion.

More Inclusion Is…

What if our communities — our housing, neighborhoods, and gathering places — were more inclusive? Imagine what would be possible for all of us.

Kelsey’s Legacy Lives On

Our Co-Founder, Kelsey O’Connor, passed away on March 28th. She was and remains our reason for being — she taught us so much about community, love, resiliency, friendship, and inclusion. Kelsey inspired more good and sparked more impact in her 31 years than most people dream of in a lifetime. We miss her more than words but we know her legacy lives on — and will live for a long long time.